Artistic approach


The images I create sit in a reality that is both defined and confusing. Artist first and foremost, I use my camera to build a gateway projecting the tangible world to a fantasy elsewhere. The compositions thus produced lead the observer into a universe in weightlessness, between earth and sky, between light and shadow, where the strange and the familiar meet. They play with gravity and time, functioning as riddles that need not be deciphered. It emanates an introspective silence that invites one to get lost in an intriguing contemplation.

I want to show that we do not conceive the world as it is, but as we are. Dislocate and deconstruct our perception of being human in order to extricate oneself. In doing so, we can then see the absolute relativity of our universe, of all that composes it. The need to adopt several perspectives to distinguish the true from our certainties.

Without it appearing, my approach is part of a fascination for serendipity *, both by my methods of work and by the subjects treated. Open to the hazards that arise during shooting, I anchor my work in random and spontaneous peregrinations where I let the images appear without a priori, without prejudices. Once the shots are taken, I let the images ripen for a certain time before broadcasting them. It is also during this period that my works dictate to me their ultimate form of incarnation.