Artistic approach


The images created by Frédéric Nadeau are grounded in a reality that is well defined yet nevertheless disconcerting. As a photographer and, above all, as an artist, he uses the camera to establish a bridge with which to project the tangible world into a purely imaginary realm. Out of the resulting compositions emerge abstract landscapes, drawing the observer into a nebulous world commingling the sublime with the familiar. Some works come accompanied by short texts designed to guide interpretation, while others are “stand-alone,” affording a multiplicity of readings to those who enter into contact with them.

This artist’s approach stems, invisibly, from his fascination for serendipity, not only in relation to his work methods but also to the subjects of his photos. Open to the workings of chance that occur during shooting, Nadeau anchors his work in random, spontaneous peregrinations: in the role of an attentive onlooker, he allows images to emerge without entertaining any preconceptions as to the form they may ultimately take. He captures commonplace elements within an extraordinary framework, using, for example, extreme weather or long exposure times to set them off. His photos prominently display fragmented architectural views, crisply delineated landscapes, and truncated panoramas – all shrouded in a soft sleek silence.

Once he has finished shooting, Nadeau then allows these images to grow and mature before making them available to the public. This phase enables him to truly immerse himself in and elaborate the essence of each of his works. He also uses this time to choose the formats and hanging systems that are best suited for his works.